My first 'Magickal Folk' box was meh

I'm a big fan of subscription boxes, and I'm a witchy woman, so I decided to try out "Magickal Folk," which is a subscription box that delivers "witchy" items every month. When I first found out about Magickal Folk, I was totally jazzed. I mean, I was over-the-moon with excitement about a monthly subscription box involving the kind of stuff that interests me on a spiritual and metaphysical level. While this service has a selection of different box types, I chose the more expensive one -- "Eclectic Witchery." I expected the expensive box to be a great little monthly gift to myself.

I'm not gonna lie. I'm a little disappointed.

So when the box finally arrived I was prepared to find an abundance of things to tickle my witch-bitch fancy -- especially since I was a new subscriber, and double-especially because I chose the more expensive box, which sets me back around $35.00 a month.

For my first box -- at $35.00 -- I received a grand total of four items:

  • A small key -- kind of a charm, more of a little trinket that's going to collect dust on my altar. When I say small, I mean tiny. It's about an inch in length, if that. This item is valued at less than $1.00, especially with it being base metal and nothing special. 
  • An "eco-journal" -- Just a standard composition notebook made out of recycled materials. Nothing special, but nothing too disappointing. To my surprise, this journal costs $14.00 on the manufacturer's website. 
  • "Sacred Visions" loose incense -- Looks like a bag of bad schwag, if you know what I mean, but it smells pretty. I can't put a value on this item because it is produced directly by Magickal Folk. However, it can't be worth more than $5.00, as that is the going rate for this particular type of item on Amazon and other outlets.
  • Set of geometric "crystals" -- Man. I just don't know about this one. There are higher-end versions of this particular set out there that cost around $20.00 to $50.00, and even higher. This particular set came in a velveteen drawstring pouch, and they are tiny. I'm sure they're probably a retail value of $10.00 to $15.00. 
Overall, the value of the box appears to be around $30.00, if you're being generous with estimating. So, I suppose that it is worth the money if you go by the numbers alone. With that said, I am just not entirely impressed with what arrived. I don't see how an "eco-journal" is related to paganism, spirituality or witchcraft. I suppose it could be used as a makeshift Book of Shadows, but at the end of the day this thing is just another mass-produced journal with a touchy-feely quote stamped on the cover. I'm sure there are many subscribers who adore this journal (it's not ugly, by the way), but for something worth $14 in my $35.00 box, I'd really want anything other than stationary.  Hell, a box of tarot cards, a nifty crystal point or any number of cool witchy items exist out there that are valued at around the same price as this little cardboard and paper journal. 

Even though I'm a little disappointed in my first Magickal Folk box, I'm not going to abandon them just yet. I'm not one to give subscription services only one chance, because I know that sometimes first impressions aren't always the most accurate. I'm going to see if my April box is any better with this service, and if it's not, I'll be moving down the list of subscription boxes related to this topic (there are apparently a few). 

For now, I don't have a referral code for Magickal Folk, and I don't know if they even offer such a thing. But if they do, I'll find out and share it here on the blog!