This month's Birchbox delivery was a hit!

Yay! My March Birchbox finally arrived, and I am not disappointed! First, let me start by saying that this is my first box with BB since 2013-20114, so I'm totally familiar with them, and don't have any "new" introduction to offer. My only advice to you guys is to jump on this subscription box service immediately. They seldom disappoint, and every single shipment is totally worth the $10.00 monthly charge.

This month's Birchbox delivery gave me seven items:

  • Tocca "Emelia" perfume sample -- I love perfume samples, and this stuff smells amazing. To my disappointment, this is a pretty expensive brand, meaning the full-sized bottle is going to cost around $70.00. On Amazon, you can get a sample gift set by Tocca, which includes this fragrance. That costs just around $30.00! (click here to purchase the gift set on Amazon
  • Kiehl's moisturizer cream -- Birchbox sent me a little sample pot of this stuff, and I love it. The full-size pot costs from $60 to $100, but it's well worth it.  (Click here to purchase on Amazon)
  • Davines hair care products -- Shampoo, conditioner and all-in-one milk spray came (three separate items) in this month's box. I love this stuff, but I'm a little wee bit disappointed. Birchbox has sent this item before, which is great. However, they used to send little bottles of the stuff, like mega samples. Now, the conditioner and shampoo arrived in little foil packets. However, the all-in-one milk came in a nifty little spray bottle. 
  • Coastal Scents "Revealed" Smoky Eyeshadow sampler -- This sampler came with two colors -- a greyish tone, and a bronze shimmery tone. Both are pretty light and neutral, but I've never been a fan of Coastal Scents. I feel that Shany brand is much better, and far more affordable. I also feel that CS eyeshadows are just never pigmented enough. That's just my opinion, though. If you want to get the full-sized "Revealed" smoky palette, click here to purchase it on Amazon. It's only around $15.00!
  • Real Chemistry Luminous Peel -- I haven't tried this stuff yet, but I know that the full-sized product is nearly $50.00, so it better be good. Click here if you want to get it on Amazon.
Overall, this month's box was pretty decent. Like I said, Birchbox seldom disappoints its subscribers (unless you're an especially picky or hard-to-please person). I'm looking forward to next month's box, after finally rejoining my favorite subscription service!