We had a blast at Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

We wanted to go on a little retreat this weekend, so we decided to drive a little over an hour away from Las Vegas, to the beautiful desert town of Tecopa, California. Tecopa is home to several natural hot springs, as well as quite a few man-made tubs and pools. There are a couple "resort" and campsite areas to choose from, but we chose the Tecopa Hot Springs Resort. It was a fantastic choice!
 The drive from Las Vegas to Tecopa seemed to go rather quickly. Once you leave the city, it's a pretty relaxing drive -- especially once you turn off the main stretch of road, and onto the road to Tecopa! This is certainly a scenic drive that offers a varying metamorphosis of landscape between the states of Nevada and California.

The town of Tecopa itself is absolutely charming -- if you're into small desert towns and oddball roadside stops. There are a few little resorts and campsites, as well as a "bistro" and BBQ joint. There's also a cute and kitschy "Steak and Beer" place when you first enter the town. This is not an ordinary place. There are no Starbucks. There are no Walmart stores. This is a very simple, barebones town with very few amenities. That's what makes it a nice place to camp, escape from the city and enjoy natural hot mineral spring water.
 We camped out on a sort of mesa overlooking the area, with an amazing view of salt flats, mountain ranges and pools of water. The view couldn't even be fully captured in the various photos we took of our time there, but it was absolutely beautiful -- especially at sunset. A live band also played for a couple of hours at a nearby bar, which could be clearly heard all the way up at our campsite. The entire experience was just surreal.

At this particular place, there are two Jacuzzi sized pools that have the natural hot spring water pumped directly into them. These pools hold two to three people, and can be locked for privacy. This makes for ideal relaxation time for couples.

 The water is super hot. My husband loved it, and soaked almost fully submerged in it several times during our visit. However, I simply found it too hot for my sensitive skin. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy it. Once my body acclimated to it (to the best of its ability), I was able to soak up to my waist in the mineral bath. It was exasperatingly hot, and almost uncomfortable, but in a therapeutic kind of way. After getting out and letting the cold desert night air hit my skin, I felt great.

I should point out that this place is a clothing optional kind of town when it comes to these campsites and resorts. In fact, visitors are encouraged to soak in the hot springs in the nude. So it's not out of the ordinary to run into some naked folks while camping or visiting the bath houses. If this doesn't bother you, then Tecopa is a definite "must-see" spot.

Overall, this was a fantastic weekend, and since Tecopa is such a short drive away, my husband and I have decided to make this a frequent home-away-from-home for when we need to get out and decompress. The town has such a laid back "desert hippie" atmosphere that it's perfect for unwinding and recharging your batteries away from fast-paced city life.