This month's 'Magickal Folk' box was pretty neat!

This month's box from Magickal Folk was pretty neat, compared to last month's box (my first box with this subscription service). I was prepared to be disappointed, to be quite honest, but they actually left me pleasantly surprised with this shipment.

This month's box came with a tealight candle holder, a reiki charged tealight candle, a box of incense, some star anise, a little key charm and a rather large selenite palm stone. It also came with a little cauldron thingy and a charcoal disc for burning incense.

I don't have much to say other than I kind of liked this one. While I don't think it quite valued to the $35 I was charged, I'm still going to give these guys another month.

If you got this month's Magickal Folk box, what did you think?