Why I cancelled my 'Magickal Folk' subscription

Hey everyone! I know it's been a long time since I've posted -- as I've been super busy -- but I'm still here! Right now I want to talk about Magickal Folk's subscription box for all things witchy, occult(ish) and the sort. I gave them a few months, paying around $35 a month per box, and after the third box I called it quits. This is why:

    • The items simply weren't that great. The things that came in the monthly boxes weren't really all that impressive. I know it's hard to please everyone when you're sending out curated boxes to the masses, but when I signed up, I was kind of hoping for more than what I ended up getting. Everything was pretty much smoke shop chachkis and stationary, along with a lot of unnecessary fluff (i.e. glossy cards and printouts), but with a few "neat" tiny items thrown in.
    • Out of three months (again, nearly $120.00), I only got one or two cool things: A selenite palmstone, and a single disc of charcoal. The value just wasn't adding up. I can get an entire pack of charcoal discs for under $10, and I can get a selenite palmstone of the same size and quality for under $5 -- on Amazon.  So out of nearly $120, I got $15 worth of value out of the boxes. It's strange, because I signed up for one of the pricier subscription options, and figured the $35 monthly box would contain something worth the money. 
    • Broken items: The third box I got from Magickal Folk contained some little glass vials with cork stoppers. The vials contained different stone beads, which were all pretty cool. I would have loved this item, had it not arrived to me in a shattered mess. Half the vials survived, and sit on one of my bookshelves for decoration. The others nearly cut me, and had to go in the garbage, along with a mess of printout cards and box filler. 
    • I didn't care much for "the community." I'm not singling anyone out, nor am I lumping the entire group into one category. But when I shared my first review about this service, several members of Magickal Folk's FB group made veiled comments about "watching what I say" in case I anger a witch with my review. I've no time for that toxicity. My reviews are honest, and I stand by that, regardless of spooky threats of curses (insert eye roll here). 
    I'm not saying Magickal Folk is a "bad" service. In fact, I'm sure, for the right person, it's an amazing service -- and one of the very few subscription businesses that caters to pagans and alternative folks like myself. I also realize that it's basically one person (and perhaps a small handful of her loved ones helping her) that carries off this entire service. So I give her kudos for managing to ship out boxes to hundreds, if not thousands, of subscribers. I just don't think it's the right service for me, when I can get tons of items that I actually want for the same price as the monthly box.